UV-Turbo new grease filter solution

UV-Turbo consists of an efficient mechanic TurboSwing grease filter and ozone free UV-light.
UV-Turbo is recommended to connect to a proper air flow adjustment system and/or heat recovery system which saves energy.

UV-Turbo separation rate

Due to ozone free UV-light and the effect of UV catalyst material, UV-Turbo grease filter also effectively removes small particles and gaseous grease. UV-Turbo also significantly reduces odors caused by cooking.

UV-light is placed in TurboSwing’s catalyst material(TiO2) coated chamber.
In the catalyst coated chamber grease polymerises in the powdery compound of carbon, carbon dioxide and water due to influence of UV-light.


The catalyst used in UV-Turbo, Titanium oxide is safe, environmental friendly catalyst.
Unlike using ozone solutions titanium oxide does not have any health hazards.