Angus Steakhouse, UK

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Angus Steakhouse is the original chain of steak restaurants based in central London’s West End and has been serving both Londoners and visitors alike for over half a century.

It has a long and proud heritage which stretches back to the 1960s when it could often be found in the Good Food Guide. Founded by Sir Reginald Eastwood, Angus Steakhouse aimed to deliver tender, quality steak and friendly, attentive service right from the start. And today, fifty years later, those values remain the same.

Angus Steakhouse Coventry Street, London consists of three individual kitchen ventilation systems located over three floors of restaurant space. The third floor also doubles as a training kitchen. All floors are fitted with Jeven UV hoods, which all link to a central ventilation service riser.

Due to height constraints in the basement the hood had to be designed significantly different and baffle filters were used instead of cyclone filters. The UV system was housed in a purpose built UV filtration housing to the rear of the cookline. This was achieved easily by using Jeven’s plug and play components, which highlight the unique versatility of the system.

Basement kitchen

Dual filtering system with standard baffle filters and Jeven UV filters.

Ground floor kitchen

The hood in this kitchen is JSI-R-UV. The filtering system is a combination of cyclonic and ultraviolet filters.
There is exhaust, supply and direction air with pressure and noise damper plates and measurement taps.

First floor kitchen

Training kitchen, where another JSI-R-UV hood is installed. Similar to the ground floor kitchen this hood has a combination of cyclonic and ultraviolet filters, and apart from the exhaust there is also supply and direction air with pressure and noise damper plates and measurement taps.

basement angus

Basement hood

first floor img hood angus

First floor hood