Cyclonic separators


Example of a cyclone grease filter

Cyclonic grease filters are used in professional and industrial kitchens as a means of separating the grease from the exhaust air in the extract hoods.

What Cyclone filter units have been designed to do is remove small grease particles from the air stream.

This kind of cyclone filters extract grease particles of sizes >5 μm.


The material, cyclone filters are most commonly manufactured in, is stainless steel usually AISI 304.

functioning jceFunctioning principle

  1. Grease laden air enters filter
  2. Grease particles are extracted as the air is directed along the filter walls by cyclone principle.
  3. Grease and impurities drain to bottom of the filter unit
  4. Purified air leaves the filter.


jce design

Typical design of a cyclone grease filter

  1. Outer casing
  2. Exhaust air connection
  3. Damper plate
  4. Grease filters
  5. Measurement tap for exhaust air
  6. K-coefficient table